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Historia Filmz managed to put out a home comedy that can keep its audience entertained to the end.

The title Bargain Bride prepares you for some bridal drama. The movie has been written and directed by Alexandros Konstantaras (House of Lungula) and produced by Lizz Njagah (Jane and Abel). The Movie follows the story of a middle aged man, Cornelius, Gerald Langiri (Fundimentals), who wishes to get married to his long-time girlfriend, Nekoye, Stephanie Muchiri (Paa). However, their parents’ dying wish was that his sister, Conjestina, Gerald Langiri, get married first. Cornelius spends most of his time trying to find Conjestina a husband with the help of Muga, Andrew Muthure (Mother in Law), his friend and colleague. They are very unsuccessful and Conjestina finds her one true love without the help of anyone.

As an M-NET original, Bargain Bride was commissioned recently among others as the channel was very new. Historia Filmz had to work with a very tight budget. I may not know the exact number or the estimate but most of it was pulling in favours especially in terms of locations. A very modern setting in the city shot on location in Kileleshwa and the Kenya Film Commission offices that are always available to film makers on weekends for filming purposes. You could say this is one way that the government supports local film makers.

Bargain Bride is a comedy and does try to achieve that aspect in the story, especially since Cornelius loses everything trying to get something for someone else. I would rather talk about the style that was used to achieve the identical twins. Cloning has been used by the excellent skills of one, Maureen Kareithi since the roles of Cornelius and Conjestina have been played by Veteran actor and casting director, Gerald Langiri.

Comedy requires at least some warmth in the mood and what Sebastian Kibocha and Kiama Kariuki have done in terms of lighting and cinematography is instrumental in giving the audience a homey feeling. That accompanied by the set design contributes to the overall look and feel of the film.

With the Limitation of budget and time, Historia Filmz managed to put out a home comedy that can keep its audience entertained to the end.

You can watch the film on Maisha Magic and Showmax.




As Kenyans say ‘Mambo ni mengi, Masaa ndio machache.’

‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,’ as the saying goes. From the Title, this is a film that tells you even before you begin watching, that some hands are about to get bitten and of course such action come with consequences. The Hand That Feeds You, is an Africa Magic Feature directed by Gilbert Lukalia (Mission To Rescue) who takes us through the life of Simon, Robert Agengo(40 Sticks) who tries to rebuild his life after being released from prison. However pressure starts building when the law recruits him to help prosecute the very Syndicate that got him arrested in the first place.

Something that the film has done very quickly is to take us into Simon’s world. He lives in an informal settlement and struggles to make ends meet especially since nobody trusts him for the simple fact that he is an ex-con. The Detective that monitors his life outside, Inspector Ochieng, Allan Oyugi (Lost in Time) does not give him room to breathe as he does not believe Simon has the ability to let go of his old ways.

Simon is desperate to prove himself, not only to the law but also to his wife Brenda, Gloria Moraa (Tahidi High) and young son, Brian, Bradley Mwendwa. His honest hustle as a bodaboda rider is not enough to make his wife happy, his best friend, David, Eddy Mbugua (The Boy who Harnessed The Wind) with whom they have a very complicated relationship, shows up at the nick of time, presenting Simon with a faster way to make more, however, it’s illegal and that is exactly what landed him into prison in the first place. David is very convincing and on top of that he desperately needs money to at least earn his girl’s trust and respect once again. Caught between a rock and a hard place he has no choice but to give in to the temptation of his old ways and fast cash.

The law being on his neck, now wants Simon to out the entire group that he works with. Simons accepts but his only condition is that his best friend is kept out of it. Exactly how this switch from being the hunted to the hunter is not shown very clearly in the film and leaves me a bit confused. His best friend finds out and feels betrayed especially after cutting him out a deal of a job he got him. What David didn’t know is that Simon did it to protect him.  The betrayal comes with a consequence.

As the movie comes to an end, Simon seems to have achieved none of the things he really wanted and we are left on a cliff hanger expecting more. As Kenyans say ‘Mambo ni mengi, Masaa ndio machache.’ I can’t wait for a promising part two and to see how the story pans out.

As we wait, something that greatly stands out in the film is the Music/scoring. Done by Lalela and Audio Networks, it is very authentic and goes very well with the moods of the film as they gradually change.

Generally, a very well executed story that you can watch on Africa Magic or stream on Showmax.



About County 49
County 49 is a Kenyan action political thriller series that follows the political intrigues of the fictional Bwatele County, Kenya’s 49th county and the nation’s breadbasket. Despite the county’s wealth, its citizens are suffering from the high cost of living and scarce resources.
Now against the backdrop of great civilian discontent, a disgraced security officer is compelled to save the new governor and her chief of staff – his estranged wife – from a local terrorist group.
“My fellow countrymen, I’m reading this statement on behalf of the citizens of Bwatele County. We have shut down Sector 4. The government has failed to deliver on their promises; we now want our money. We will distribute it amongst each other ourselves. If anyone tries to stage a rescue, the governor dies. If you send the army, your governor dies. If any of our demands are not met, your governor will be executed live online. Bring back our money,” The governor is forced to read a televised statement to the citizens;
County 49 stars Wakio Mzenge (Selina), Nyokabi Macharia (Country Queen), Ainea Ojiambo (Igiza), Maqbul Mohammed (Crime and Justice), Martin Githinji (Sue na Jonnie), Peter Kawa (Uradi), Benson Ojuwa (Njoro wa Uba), Nick Kwach (Chaguo), Emmanuel Mugo (Igiza), Angela Mwandanda (Selina), Sam Psenjen (County Queen) and more. Star studded casting by Isaya Evans.
The series is being produced by Kibanda Pictures, made up of Supa Modo and Crime and Justice director Likarion Wainaina, producer Millicent Ogutu, and Morning After and Country Queen co-director Brian Munene and actor-producer Bruce Makau. Munene also doubles as the show’s writer, alongside Voline Ogutu (Crime and Justice), Mercy Mutisya (Click Click BangToo Early for Birds), and Martin Kigondu, with veteran thespian John Sibi-Okumu as story consultant.
First announced in March 2022, County 49 is the fifth Showmax Original title in Kenya after the police procedural and legal drama Crime and Justice S1 and S2, the coming-of-age film Baba Twins, the drama series Single Kiasi and the thriller series Igiza.
County 49 will premiere on Showmax on Thursday 25 August 2022.
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