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Impervious (Bikozulu)- Back 2 Basics – Credits

Impervious (Bikozulu)- Back 2 Basics – Credits

Impervious – Credits


A tale of unexpected thrills, and possibly one of the greatest attractive anomalies ever captured, Impervious is a Psychological drama written by multiple award winner Jackson Biko, (Bikozulu) and directed by the award-winning director Mbeki Mwalimu.

Jamila (Mwikali Mary) speaks sarcasm. Fluently. She is at her death bed with three weeks to live. The therapist (Bruce Makau) charged with conditioning her mind that she be ready for death finds her spirit undeterred, undaunted, and unmoved by death. An anomaly. An attractive Anomaly. The man of cloth (Mwaura Bilal) meant to prepare her soul for the hereafter, is taken in by her heart, lost in the magnetism of her wit and charm. Maggie (Wakio Mzenge) has kind hands, is likable but mouthy and with the eye that sees it all. Then there’s Bey (Auudi Rowa), the young girl with a hole in her heart. These people’s lives suddenly revolve around the lady on her deathbed. She however is unafraid of death. She is impervious. So is everyone else, locked up in their own worlds.


Our hearts are not good for you or to give you love.
It’s an organ that has fed our bodies with blood, but it’s never good for love.
It has no love to offer and none to receive.!

Cast & Crew

Masuti Mwalimu – Producer

Bikozulu – Writer

Mbeki Mwalimu – Director/ Producer

Mary Mwikali – Jamila

Wakio MzengeMaggie

Bilal Mwaura – Man of the Cloth

Bruce Makau – Therapist

Auudi Rowa – Bey

Daisy Temba – Stage Manager

Tim King’oo – Lights and Sound

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Publicity Photos

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