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Lost In Time is #LiT

Lost In Time is #LiT

Ever imagined what it would mean to literally live in your head?

Hear voices, see things? Watching yourself from a window, as if someone else was living your own life and you are just a mere guest in it?

Wanting to explain what you see, when no one can see it?

They say everyone is mad, only some are madder than others, literally. I personally was drawn into
the madness, for I was again watching another Kenyan film that outdid self. Kenyan stories are
everyday becoming more world class and traversing world stages and I have been quite excited to
move with them. They certainly make a grownup woman sit leaning at the edge of the seat sobbing
wondering, “Was I really ready for this intensity?”

Well, that is the type of intensity of the film LOST IN TIME. It is the acting. Woi, Sam, the lead
character, you wear his shoe, every time he appears on your screen. You are HIM the entire film, his
wife or you are his friend, you are his family or his neighbor. For more than once as a human, you
truly understand what it means to lose or possibly even lose your mind. The wife, you can’t help but
feel her agony, anguish and desperation. You are literally lost in the film yourself.

Long had I longed for an authentic story with equal mystery from home grown. Of a story beautifully
told, that everybody can relate in a way you cannot explain. In the past a film in Kenya had to
sacrifice one. If the story was great, the quality might have been compromised. Or if the quality was
great, there was probably no story. Or if everything was great, the make up made everyone looked
ghostly. But here I was noting, an amazing story to watch that sacrifices nothing, with the everything
tops. Woi, especially everything. It was hard to critique, for each time you were feeling something in
the depth of your soul, your heart and you mind even.

Your heart breaks and heals at the same time in the wake of tragedy, trauma, love and family. I
mean, every time Sam’s wife shed a tear, I equally shed one with her. Just to understand what it
means to hold on to a world and what it means to you and not to make sense of it. I think I cried
until I had to practice some self-control for it would have been quite shameful to cry beyond the
sound of the movie.

I wanted to scream but I let it sink in, because just at this moment, I was also lost in time. Woken by
the music closer to the end that took over, and I start to blow my nose wondering, is it that I am in a
mood for crying or this is a bloody good story.

I sit there with pride and I reckon, Kenya has come of age a while back. It made me believe in our
stories even more. And that the more we create, the more the world will hear us. And I can’t wait for
when that happens. And, I couldn’t wait to hug everybody, just to let them know they had done an
absolutely amazing job.
And with such pride, I could easily say, it is ALL KENYAN. A world story told the Kenyan way of a
story told so beautifully.

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Esther Neema

Actress, Writer

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