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Mrs. Lucy goes to Africa – 2nd Annual Broadway Extravaganza – Credits

Mrs. Lucy goes to Africa – 2nd Annual Broadway Extravaganza – Credits

Mrs. Lucy Goes to Africa – Credits

Mrs. Lucy Goes to Africa is about 2 friends from different worlds (America and Africa) who form

a bond that leads to spiritual expectations that collide with mortal desires. Matron Lucinda

“Mrs. Lucy” Shepherd finds herself in a dilemma when she gets on a plane thinking she is going

home to Louisiana and finds herself in East Africa, Kenya.

At the airport, she is re-united with her friend Neema who is concealing deep, dark, secrets that

could shake her family to the very core. Their worlds collide as Mrs. Lucy tries to cope with her

new “African” realities and Neema determined to keep her secret, suddenly finds herself on the

dead end and is forced to reveal her secret that fought so hard to keep.

Mrs. Lucy Goes to Africa features remarkable immerse staging and stellar star cast and crew

which includes; American Actress Lady Toussaint and Director, Daryl Richardson – Choreographer and author

of Bestselling book “The Me Nobody Knows, Elvin Ross- Renown Music Composer in USA

among others.

Massively thought provoking and enjoyable, Mrs. Lucy goes to Africa powerfully provides an

insight into the impact of dark secrets on families, a message that is relevant to our everyday

society and is highly relatable. Although it deals with real life situations and takes up a serious

tone, it is also highly entertaining, joyous and achingly funny. The play is a captivating, mind-

bindingly, hilarious Broadway that will keep the whole family, enthralled and delighted. The

show will be both in English and Swahili and will introduce viewers to true escapism, chronicling

the life of an American who finds herself living with an African family but from a local East

African perspective.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer/ Writer/ Director

Playing Mrs. Lucy

Toussaint Duchess (Lady T.)

Rachael Njeri Wainaina – Associate Producer

Florence Nduta – Event Organiser

Chris Kamau – Creative Liaison/ Dr. Mvuta Kamba

Keziah Muthoni – Broadway Administrator

Rukundo Abdul – Broadway Videographer/ Photographer

Elvin Ross – Musical Director

Daryl Richardson – Dance Choreographer

Morgan Mokaya – Stage Manager

Eddy Peter – Peter

Regina Re – Regina

Michael Mark – Kibeberu

Eclay Wangira – Neema

Shyro Ogolla – Grace

Njoki Munyi – Winnie

Steven Mwangosi – Samueli

Joseph Charles – Mahona

Doanna Owaro – Maria

Caleb  – Mayunga


Tyron Naomi

Biko Nyongesa

Kelly Gatiba

Stephen Ekai


Fidel Okali


Terry Odhiambo

Tiffany Mutiso

Grace Muthoni


Short Wave



Youth Film Platform

Coca Cola

Kenya Film Classification Board

Talanta Institute

Multichoice Talent Factory

Karen Village

Catholic University of East Africa

French Embassy


Zebra Productions

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