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Mrs. Lucy unveils Song and Secrets, Dance and Tears

Mrs. Lucy unveils Song and Secrets, Dance and Tears

Mrs. Lucy Goes to Africa

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Family Drama, secrets, are everything that defines Lucy goes to Africa. It starts from a humorous entree of Lucy who finds herself in Africa through Neema (Eclay Wangira) her Friend. In a series of many dramas we are introduced to Mrs. Lucy ( Toussaint – playwright, co-producer, director), who thinks everyone at the airport has an attitude. In her character’s mind, she is still in California, and she even faints when she discovers she is in Africa. It is where she becomes even more dramatic as it proceeds.

At this point one may not know exactly how the play will unfold, only laughs at the humor presented by Lucy. And when the handsome pastor appears, one may be tempted to believe that the story will be a dramatic love story or even about the girl who works at the airport who desires to go abroad in search for fame through her talent. But all this is to introduce this character Mrs Lucinda. Lady T does such justice to this character, it is amazing to watch her.

So far in her introduction, this is a comedy unfolding. Oh well until you realize, it is not all fun and games, when Regina gets introduced and her family gets introduced, then you learn, there is more. The story is not about Lucy but a family that looks great on the outside and happy, but there are underlying secrets in the family. The mystery that keeps throwing hints from the beginning. Bigger than it looks or seems, more than the sibling rivalry between the two brothers (Caleb Kushinda and Maho Charles), who are both beautiful singers. Their voices make your hair stand. Music has a way of letting meaning sink in a little deeper. You realize, it is not hatred but love they feel for one another.

Then you start sitting at the edge of the seat, when you realize, things are thick in this family, and that you don’t know when or how the secrets will be made obvious to the family, and especially to us the audience. For the character Regina, she’s depicted as a wonderful and harmless soul, but we eventually learn that she is the keeper of the secret. In fact, she is the secret. And, at any point, the pot may over flow. It actually takes death for the secret to unfold.

Finally, we see why the role of the house-help, (Njoki Munyi),  is heavily embedded in the lives of the two young boys. Somehow even she is connected to them, even to Regina. The ending is what really moves you. I didn’t think there would be any tears for this, until I found myself sobbing at the end. It was interesting to watch the expertise that the actors could have in facing extreme emotions that they had from the beginning of the play.

What was truly inspiring was that this was a result of a series of workshops that have been going on and still will, across East Africa. These workshops will pave way for more opportunities to those who would have otherwise not had them.

Cheers to Mrs. Lucy, because for a minute, I thought Madea had made it to Africa.


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Article by:

Esther Neema
Writer and Actress



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