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‘Roll The Dice’ by #JiniceVisafe – Credits

Roll The Dice – Credits

A bunch of university students are trying to survive a world they are ill prepared for. Annabelle’s family risks ejection from their ancestral land by a cable of corrupt politicians and Prof, a trusted lecturer offers to help. Her 22 year old obsessive boyfriend Kyalo balances the life between her and his 5 year old love child almost too perfectly. Her best friend Kami lives under the shadow of her ultra religious mother while secretly envying her cousin and housemate Denise, whose sleek lifestyle is funded by uber rich men. Add a dash of Suleiman, Prof’s son, who’s misunderstood and dangerously ambitious and sprinkle some Aleki AKA Alchemist , the school peddler battling abandonment issues into the mix and you get a tinder box waiting to explode. Are the odds stuck for or against them as they roll the dice?

Cast & Crew

Love. Betrayal. Survival!

Creator/ Producer/ Director

Nice Githinji

Bilal Mwaura – Writer

Esther Kahuha – Producer

Neville Ignatius – Charles Kyalo

Vitalis Waweru– Suleiman Omariba

Valentine Njeru– Denise

Violet Bijura– Annabelle Chepkemo

Lucy Wahito– Kami

Clyf Njeru – Alex aka Alchemist

Cindy Wakesho – Chantelle

Jemima Asango – Achieng, Achibela, Achibaibe

Tabitha Makumi – Makena

Keith Chuaga – Prof Omariba

Veronica Waceke – Stage Manager (Mentor)

Emma Chepkemoi – Stage Manager (Trainee)

Ruth Nyateya – Asst Stage Manager (Trainee)

Edith Kanini – Marketing (Trainee)

Alacoque Ntome – Dance Choreographer

Andrew Wambua – Music Director

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Isaac Otieno

Jimmy Kafe


Sanaa Post

Starzone Furniture

Kenya Cultural Centre

Performers Rights Society of Kenya

The Kenya artistes Fraternity


Kiss 100

Hezron Carey (Artwork)

Brian Irungu (Artwork)

#SanaaRising #Jinice #RollTheDice

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