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  • Last Modified: October 25, 2022
  • First name : Ainea
  • Last name : Ojiambo
  • Gender : Male
  • Email : ojiamboainea@yahoo.com
  • Country : Kenya

I am a professional; artist specialized in stage, voice, film, T.V screen, Commercials and documentary acting.

I have performed in many TV soaps, series, films, advertisements both local and international and attained professional status, plus stage plays. Among plays performed including Shakespeare majorly at the Phoenix Players.

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TV Series

  1. County 49 (Ox) - Showmax - 2022 - Kibanda Pictures - Director - Likarion Wainaina
  2. Igiza (Musa) - Showmax - 2022 - Yare Picture Studio - Director - Abu Melita
  3. Kina (Inspector juma)-Maisha Magic plus 2019 - 2021-Zamaradi Productions.
  4. Jela 5 Star (Ghost)-Maisha Magic 2018-TV Comedy- Zamaradi Productions.
  5. Wives (Chief) –( Season 1) 2018- By Benjamin Onyango
  6. Nyumba 10- (season 1 )-(Partrice) – Zamaradi productions - Swahili magic DSTV-Director Victor Gatonye / Tony Riwah

  7. Jongo love –(Season 1)-(God Papa)- Shujaaz TV production -NTV/QTV 2014- Director Emma Bodger
  8. Sunshine (Board Chairman) –Zamaradi Production 2014–TV Series- Director Victor Gatonye
  9. Hzelqom in Africa (Jackson-Rebel leader) CBC Egypt TV Director -Ahmed Al-gendi
  10. Penzi la sumu (Victor) 2014-Mnet TV soap –Director Caroline Odongo
  11. Penzi la sumu (Victor) 2013-Mnet TV soap- Director Caroline Odongo
  12. Noose of Gold (Season 7)(Ole Mpisha) 2013 – Mnet TV- Director Benjamin Odwuor.
  13. Noose of Gold (Season 6) (Ole Mpisha) 2013-Mnet TV- Director Benjamin Odwuor.
  14. Kona  (Douglas) 2013-Mnet TV Soap
  15. Noose of Gold (Season 5) (Ole Mpisha) 2013- Mnet TV- Director Benjamin Odwuor
  16. Mwangaza (Season 1) (Kovu) 2012- KTN/ QTV-Director Nick Njashe
  17. Noose of Gold (season 4) (Ole Mpisha) 2012– Mnet TV –Director Benjamin Odwuor

  18. Makutano Junction (season 12&13)-2012(Snake)- Citizen TV, Mnet, Africa Magic-Director Vincent Mbaya.
  19. Demigods (season 3) Pastor Jethro -2012 – Nation TV/Mnet-Director Benjamin Odwuor
  20. The Saints (Season 1) (Mr Wambua)-2011- Nation TV- Director Neil Schell
  21. Demi gods (season 1 & 2)(pastor Jethro)-2011-Nation TV
  22. Higher Learning (season 1 & 2)( Dr Mutua)-2010&2011-Nation TV-Director Neil Schell
  23. The Politician- (Jairo)-2009
  24. Block D- (Mr. Chinedu)-2009-KBC TV
  25. Tabasamu- (Mr Mugongo)-2009-CITIZEN TV
  26. The Melody Makers-2009-NTV

  27. The Agency – 2008 (Mnet productions by Starling Q-Mr. Mkanga)-MNET
  28. One Two Many -2006(Lil Kim)-NTV
  29. Tahidi High 2006-2009 (Andrew –owner of the school and chairman) - CITIZEN TV

  30. Wingu La Moto 2006- to date (Judge)-Nation TV

  31. Makutano Junction 2005-to date (seasons 1-11)(Snake)-KBC, CITIZEN TV, African Magic Channel-Director Shani Grewal
  32. Reflections 2004-2005 (Uncle Tom)-TV station shown; Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation


  1. The Night of The Lotus-2015 (Wilson) – Director Henry Mason
  2. Ignorance by Ebru Africa–2014(Benson) – Director Allan Oyugi
  3. After The Storm- 2014 (Dad) – Director Victor Gatonye

  4. Wazi Fm- 2013 (Bad policeman) –Director AV Brothers
  5. Shattered the movie-2011 (Music producer) Movie won AMMAS for best Actress – director Gilbert Lukhalia
  6. Nairobi Half life-Mutua -2011 (Police man-Mutua)-Movie won various international awards –Director –Tosh Gitonga ; Superviser director  Tom Tykwer

  7. Un Altro Mondo-2010 (Butler)
  8. Following Jesus-2009 (Chief security leader) – Director Fc Hamman
  9. The First Grader-2009(Education officer)-Director Justin Chadwick
  10. Bullion-2009(David)-Director -Philip Luswata
  11. White massai-2004 (Police constable)-Director Hermine Huntgeburth.
  12. Constant Gardener-2004 (Police Driver)-The movie won academy award best supporting actress. -Director Fernando Meirelles 


  1. Loop – 2021 (John) Director Isaya Evans
  2. Sleep – 2021 ( Mr Makau) Director Mdagaya

  3. Bufis – 2021 (Inspector Pau) Director Vinvenzo Cavallo
  4. Guerrilla boy – 2011 (government intelligence Officer) Director Barasa Simiyu
  5. The Rugged Priest-2010 (government minister Mr. Ole Shompole) The movie won the best movie at ZIFF- Director Bob Nyanja

  6. Love Doctor-2009- (Sam)/Producer-Director Barasa Simiyu
  7. Obohoz-2008 (Government Minister) Director Cajetan boy
  8. Formula X-2008 (police inspector)-won awards in independent movie awards 2009

  9. Toto Millionaire-2007 (Supa)/Producer-Director Barasa Simiyu
  10. Stigma -2006 (Alex)
  11. Closed hands-2005 (City Tough)
  12. By any means Necessary-2005 (Police Inspector)

  13. Kibera Kid-2004 (Emmy award winner for short movies) Director Nathan collet
  14. Babus Babies-2004 (Tiger)


  1. Co-operative bank  (Shylock) –TVC-2013
  2. Guinness international advertisement (as the chaperon) TVC-2009
  3. Nakumatt supermarket advert (as the father) TVC-2007
  4. Aon Minet. Bill board-2006
  5. Sprite Africa. TVC - (Doorman) 2006


  1. Why Me (Rapist)


  1. Kokoka by Susan Owiyo/Mbilia Bel –2006 (poor Friend)
  2. Go back to school by Dex Vultures (as the Dad)


  1. Milele FM several of their advertisements
  2. Various KBC radio Dramas


  • Kalasha Awards nomination best supporting actor in a film (Love doctor) (2010)
  • Mbalamwezi awards best supporting actor on stage (1995)


Title                                       Character                  Group                                     Author

I.     Othello                                    - Duke                Phoenix Players              William shakespeare

II.     Much a do about Nothing - Dogberry          Phoenix Players            William shakespeare

III.     Measure for Measure - Duke                        Phoenix Players            William shakespeare

IV.     King Lear                      -  Duke of Albany     Phoenix Players            William shakespeare

V.     Taming of the Shrew   -  Lucentio                 Phoenix Players            William shakespeare

VI.     Richard III                - Buckingham              Phoenix Players            William shakespeare

VII.     Merchant of Venice     - Duke                     Phoenix Players             William shakespeare

Other Plays

Our husband has gone mad again; three mice; Family ties, Lion and the Jewel; Deaden Kimathi; The visit; Accidental death of an anarchist; The General; Guess who’s talking; Marriage of Anansewa; etc

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