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@Artist Fristy ice

Artist Fristy ice
  • Age : 2018
  • Location : Nairobi
  • Height : 167cm / 5.5ft
  • Weight : 65kg / 143lbs
  • Category : Musician,Photographer
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      General Information
    • Name : Ian Musa
    • Gender : Male
    • Age : 2018
    • Location : Nairobi
      Physical Info
    • Height : 167cm / 5.5ft
    • Weight : 65kg / 143lbs
    • Hair Type : Afro
    • Hair Length : None
    • Hair Color : Black
    • Eye Color : Brown
    • Category : Musician,Photographer
    Artist Fristy ice





    I'm Fristy ice aka Ian Musa Ojijo,

    Fristy ice aka Ian Musa Ojijo is an upcoming Kenyan artist ready to hit the streets with his English ,Swahili trap fusion hip-hop music ,Born in January 2nd Age 20yrs in Nairobi (south b) area ,from a family of four, being the older sibling to his brothers he went to high school in Nyahururu elite from where he apparently started off his career as an emcee by accident where he was bullied into submission of doing a rap for the school which led to his realisation that he was good at the skill. This was back in 2015 Since then he released two songs "Ball" &"look at me" while studying in Nakuru this time at mustard seed international he recorded the songs in the town while still being in school ball gathered enough leverage since it had reached the European market and got featured in a European car show this gave him hope, so After highschool The young talented individual pursued mentorship about the industry from Samuel Luchemo of five star series international and this led to his two new first Swahili songs "kwa hii town " which was followed shortly by "She told me that " he settled on doing the video for she told me that and is planning to release it later on this year while still pursuing his studies in ICT in college fristy still has a belief that music is a fusion of the African sound with elements of music & he that he has gotten to where he is in life not because of something he brought to the world but through something he found - the wealth of African culture.

    I am a music brand which represents the artist & brand  Fristy ice, fristy ice as a brand thst  has been categorised into two, first the photography editorial services of which i provide and the music side .

    Fristy ice myself i have been Sorely mentored by Samuel luchemo of five star series entertainment to provide excelence and professionalism  below are our achievements

    We managed to get featured on a nescafe advertisement feature of which we were selected. link:https://youtu.be/jKBuxjrRUW0

    We have had our music  and brand represented on the music in Africa website portal .link:https://www.musicinafrica.net/directory/fristy-ice

    We are also registered and verified on both google and Musixmatch :https://g.co/kgs/jxtVur

    Our portfolio website (the website is still in works):fristyice.eminentmedia.biz

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