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  • Last Modified: February 1, 2023
  • First name : Benson
  • Last name : Ojuwa
  • Gender : Male
  • Email : bojuwa@gmail.com
  • Country : Kenya
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Benson Ojuwa famously known as Ben Tekee is a charismatic, confident, intelligent and highly imaginative Kenyan actor whose acting prowess has seen him feature in Tv, Film and Stage Plays (Both as an actor and stage director).

In 2019 he was honored to be nominated in both Kalasha Awards and Sanaa Theatre  Awards as the Best Supporting Actor in the Film 'Embraced' and 'Necessary Madness' a stage play on governance.

He has featured in numerous Kenyan Tv shows with roles on shows such as 'NJORO WA UBA' - Odanga Esq, 'KINA' - Rhino, 'COUNTY 49' - Minister of police, 'LA MSINGI' - Osumba, 'MPAKANI' - Deputy IG, 'WEMBE SQUAD' - Golddigger, 'MCHUNGAJI', 'VARSHITA' just to name but a few.

On stage, he is remembered by his electrifying performances in the plays, THE DYING NEED NO SHOES - Prof. Munanda, NECESSARY MADNESS - Governor Zuri, SPECULUM - Rev. Father John. MINISTER KARIBU - Hon. Katana.

He is the Founder and C.E.O of ARTS HUB Production which deals with film and Theatre Productions.

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