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@Eddy Peter

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  • Age : 36
  • Location : Nairobi
  • Country : Kenya
  • Height : 183cm / 6ft
  • Weight : 103kg / 226.6lbs
  • Category : Actor,Presenter/host,Director,Producer
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      General Information
    • Name : Eddy Peter Kenya
    • Gender : Male
    • Age : 36
    • Location : Nairobi
    • Country : Kenya
      Physical Info
    • Height : 183cm / 6ft
    • Weight : 103kg / 226.6lbs
    • Hair Type : Curly
    • Hair Length : Small
    • Hair Color : Black
    • Eye Color : Brown
    • Category : Actor,Presenter/host,Director,Producer
    Eddy Peter


    Eddy Peter is a loving husband and a father of three. Every free time he gets he would spend it with his family. Eddy Peter is also an award-winning actor and his first role was Joseph the father of Jesus Christ. A play he acted in in kindergarten. He started professional acting in 2011 and to date has appeared in over 20 film, television and theatre productions. Movie fans will recognize Eddy Peter from Shuttered, Siri and Utapeli, while on television he has appeared on series such as Changing Times, K.E.RU, Demigods, Pendo and recently on My Two Wives, to name just a few. Some of which he has been the lead actor. Highlights of his theatre credits include Corporate Wife and Deputy Husband, productions by Wholesome Entertainment. Eddy Peter has worked with many decorated directors and actors, such as Gilbert Lukalia, Phil Bresson, Victor Gatonye, Raymond Ofula, Rita Dominic, Brian Ogola and many more. He has worked as a casting director where he has cast for advertisements, film, and TV series amongst many others. Previously he worked as Head of TV in a Digital Station for three (3) years. He has taken Technical Theatre classes at Daystar University and attended various workshops like the Hollywood Acting Master Class by veteran actor and director D. David Morin. He also has a growing interest in photography and directing. He has directed a couple of short films and has been called to step in and direct several episodes while on a series set. Eddy has a certificate in counseling and works well with people. He has worked as an hotelier in Mombasa where he was born. This has given him the opportunity to practice speaking German, which he learnt after high school. He is very passionate about soccer and has been a coach to the young boys in his neighborhood. He is also very passionate about men’s ministry in church. He serves in Man Enough ministry by Transform Nations, which helps men discover their roles in Society. As a person who is passionate about leadership he is looking forward to working with the industries greats.


    1.  Poison Ivy                                                     - Smith
    2. Private and Confidential                             - Brian
    3. Corporate Wife                                             - Kevin
    4. Here Comes the Groom Actor                   - Joe


    • Changing Times by INSIGNIA                     Supporting Actor – Kamuzi (2011)
    • Higher Learning by SPIELWORKS             Supporting Actor – Pimp (2011)
    • Briefcase Inc. by Cheese Pictures                Supporting Actor – Alex (2012)
    • NGO by BIG IDEAS                                       Main Actor – Nthenge (2011)
    • Shuttered by DREAM HOUSE (film)        Supporting Actor – Uncle Nick (2012)
    • Demigods by MAXPOT MEDIA                 Supporting Actor – Doctor (2012)
    • State of the High Nation by MEDIA EDGE                    Host – (2012)
    • Mheshimiwa by INSIGNIA                         Supporting Actor – Guest (2013)
    • Pendo by DIL Pictures                                 Main Actor – Sudi (2014 - present)
    • Majaribu by Storylab                                    Supporting Actor – Roger (2015)
    • Confessor                                                        Supporting Actor – Mr. Mugo
    • K.E.R.U by Zamaradi                                   Main Actor – Abdi (2016 – Present)
    • Utapeli (film) by Devine Elements            Main Actor – Mufti (2017)
    • Ndoto (film) by Devine Elements              Supporting Actor – Kidiki (2017)
    • Siri (film) by Media Hub Africa                 Main Actor – Mike (2017)
    • 18 Hours by Rocque Pictures                     Supporting Actor – Doctor (2017)
    • My Two Wives by Insignia Productions  Main Actor – Zachariah (2018 – present)
    • Simon Kimathi


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