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  • Name : Mark Maina
  • Country : Kenya
  • Category : Storyteller,Director,Script Writer,Video Editor,Film Crew
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  • Name : Mark Maina
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : Kenya
  • Category : Storyteller,Director,Script Writer,Video Editor,Film Crew
Mark Maina

A recipient of the Africa Viewers’ Choice Award, Mark Maina Maingi, is an award winning Kenyan film director, screenwriter and editor. Having made his directorial debut with Too late (2013), Mark gained considerable attention for his second short, Consigned to oblivion (2014). The neo-noir thriller won at a number of international film festivals including Tigo Africa award for best short film and Riverwood academy award for best student film.

In 2015 Mark wrote and directed Home, another short film which he personally funded and filmed with friends. Home depicts an unemployed young writer suffering from writers block as he searches for inspiration to provide material for his first novel. The film was nominated for best short film at the Machakos film festival.

He then wrote, directed, produced and edited the short comedy film Neophobia (2017). The film, a modern day fairy tale, tells the story of a young woman obsessed with old routine and an unwillingness to try new things. When she unexpectedly finds an appreciation for a modern hair dryer, she is forced to completely rethink and overthink her life. The film was selected for screening at Short film Corner and Creative Minds Group at the 2017 Cannes Festival and has gone on to win over ten international awards.

Mark then co-produced, wrote, directed and edited another short film THE EDITOR which is the recipient of Black Hollywood Education and resource center award in Los Angeles as well as best short film at the Riverwood academy award (Kenya). The film also finished second at Film convert color grading competition in Los Angeles. In total the film has won 4 local awards and and 2 international awards.

In late 2017, Mark was approached by producers of 18 hours film. He took up the challenge and he won the Africa Magic Viewers’ choice Award for best picture editing. The film also won the award for best East African film as well as Best Overall film.


Mark's films explore human morality and the malleable nature of memory and personal identity. His body of work is infused by nonlinear storytelling and analogous relationships between visual language and narrative elements

  1. Award for Best Picture Editing: Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award 2018 (18Hours)
  2. Award for Best Director: Udada International Film festival 2017 (Neophobia)
  3. Award for Best Editor: Udada International Film festival 2017 (Neophobia)
  4. Award for Best Sound Editing and Design: Udada International Film festival 2017 (Neophobia)
  5. Award for Best Short film: Udada International Film festival 2017 (Neophobia)
  6. Award for Best Production Design: Udada International Film festival 2017(Neophobia)
  7. Award for Best Editor: Riverwood International Film festival 2018 (The Editor)
  8. Award for Best Short film: Riverwood International Film festival 2018(The Editor)
  9. Nomination for Best Director: Riverwood International Film festival 2018 (The Editor)
  10. Nomination for best short film: Silicon valley film festival USA 2017 (Neophobia)
  11. Nomination for best graded short film: Film convert film festival USA 2017 (Neophobia)
  12. Award for best runners up in a short film: Black Hollywood resource center USA 2017 (The Editor)
  13. Award for best short film: Tigo Africa award 2015 (Consigned to Oblivion)
  14. Nomination for best short film: East Africa Film network award 2015 (Consigned to Oblivion)
  15. Nomination for best short film: Machakos Film Festival 2015 (Home)
  16. Award for best student film: Riverwood International film festival  2015 (Consigned to Oblivion)
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