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  • Account ID: SANAA1567
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  • Last Modified: February 3, 2023
  • First name : Mugambi
  • Last name : Ikiara
  • Gender : Male
  • Email : darkmugambi69@gmail.com
  • Country : Kenya
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Mugambi is a multifaceted artiste who started out in the University of Nairobi Travelling Theatre in 2018. He has gone on to perform in film, TV and theatre since. Mugambi is also a singer-songwriter who has performed with different artistes on collaborative projects. He has also had the opportunity to write songs for theatrical productions as well.

He believes that the artiste's largest asset, apart from talent, is holistic knowledge seeking.

  • Sex for Grades; Stage Play; 2018; Journalist.
  • A Gift from a Stranger; Stage Play; 2019; Musician, Ugly Woman.
  • Facts and Figures; Short Film; 2020; Jade.
  • Nanyorrai; TV; 2022; Lemiso.
  • Njoro wa Uba; TV; 2022; Drew.
  • Judas Did You Know; Stage Play; 2022; Director and Score.
  • Single Kiasi; TV; 2023; Announcer.
  • Emotional Damage; Web Series; 2023; Thug.
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